When adopting Diversity and Inclusion into the workplace and corporate events, it is important to remember that the essence is to cater for all people, but what does that mean?

Diversity and Inclusion are not just about race, gender, or age (as most people may think!), they are also about the smaller details of everyday life that many need to adopt, such as accessibility, finding easy access stairs and parking locations, audio description, various dietary requirements and much more.

In this article, we will discuss how event catering can be inclusive and diverse in 2022.

What makes an event memorable?

When hosting an event there are two key aspects that attendees will remember the most. The content that the speakers provide, and the selection of food and beverage available.

Not only do people remember the quality of the food, but also the different dietary options available. Hence why offering all special dietary requirements is a must when hosting an event.

Presentation is also key. Making sure all cutlery and crockery are on theme could also play a part in the overall image. For example, it may be more appropriate to have chopsticks as an option for some dishes, instead of just knives, forks, and spoons.

Having custom menus that link to company branding may also be a welcoming addition!

Using local produce and suppliers

We believe using local produce and suppliers is important for an event, such as local butchers and catering companies. Opting for locals who are passionate about their job will show in the premium quality of their work. It will also mean you are helping your local business community.

Eating in season is achievable by eating locally. The natural cycle of seasonal food compliments what we need to support our health. The food will also taste far better since it will be fresh and ripe.

At Events Together we will make an effort to offer local suppliers with all of the events that we manage.

Dietary Requirements

We embrace Diversity and Inclusion at Events Together, so making sure all of our events have all necessary dietary demands for all attendees is a must as it will leave a lasting impact.

Consider you host an important event and in attendance are some investors and potential business partners, however, none of the food available is to their dietary specification! This could hinder their enjoyment of the event, resulting in a loss of interest. Not to mention an empty stomach!

Having a menu with plant-based options catering to vegetarians and vegans is fantastic to see among many restaurants and suppliers. However, what about the other dietary options?

Whether it’s based on religious beliefs, health reasons, allergies, intolerances or personal choices, there are many other diets and health requirements that should be taken into consideration on a food menu to become truly inclusive, to list a few:

Fair Trade & Sustainability

Using Fair Trade food has many economic, environmental and social benefits. For example, you will be supporting the farmers and their families with fairer pricing. They will also have more of an incentive to produce higher quality food. These Farmers also use less toxic pesticides, having a positive impact on their health and the environment, which is far more sustainable for the future.

Being sustainable will play a key part in becoming a more eco-friendly world, and we will do our best effort to be sustainable when creating and managing all of our events too.

To learn more about Fair Trade, click here.

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