Did you know that between April and June 2020, the difference in employment between people with disabilities and without disabilities was 27.3%? This is quite a shockins statistic that really highlights the lack of disabled talent in the workplace. Events Together and Diversity in Conferences and Events (DiCE) borught together key voiced to shed light on the lived experience of people with disabilities and to help you understand the challenges faced gaining employment. The result was Dis-clusion, a panel webinar discussing these issues and more! The panel was hosted by Meena Chander, founder and CEO of Events Together and DiCe. And the wider panel was made up of Priya Smith, a creative producer and founder of LoveDIS, a platform to celebrate disability and diversity; Jane Hatton, the director of Even Break, a job board run by and for disabled people, and Quinn Roache, LGBTQ+ and Disabled Policy Officer at TUC.

You can read the complete summary of the even on the DiCE website by clicking here!